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My Pledge to the Buyer

My Pledge to the Buyer

buying a house
buying a house

1.  Respect you, your needs and communicate in an honest and

       timely manner. 

2. Make the process of buying your next home as easy and as

       successful as possible. 

3.  Assist you in connecting with a lender to determine the appropriate

        price range for your new home. 

4.  Consult with you to determine the important features and location

        of your new home. 

5.  Maintain your confidentiality and represent your best interest

        through the process of buying your home. 

6.  Be available to show properties that meet your specifications, in

        accordance with Fair Housing Regulations and ethical Real

        Estate Practices. 

7.  Comply with all legal obligations to disclose material facts known

        about the property that could affect your decision. 

8.  Assist in determining fair market value of your purchase and

        suggest negotiating strategies to help you make the most of your


9.  Present all offers in a light most favorable to you.

10.  Upon acceptance of an offer, monitor all pre-closing activities.

11.  Help you connect with a home inspector and help you navigate

        the home inspection process (see TOOLS page).

12.  Sit with you at the closing to answer questions and provide


13.  Recommend a home warranty to protect you and the appliances in your home. (see TOOLS page) 

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